Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunset Cuttings Wharf Area - South Napa

Still rough beginnings. Cuts have noises that I don't want there, but can't quite avoid.

This video has first attempt with Garageband which was scary and hard and, oddly, kinda easy too. Made me feel good because Art couldn't tell I had pieced it together from Garageband pieces - that's something at least.

Not sure it fits the subject well enough . . . but it is a beginning.

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Sweet Synopsis said...

Wow - beautiful area!

Sorry about having to delete the earlier comment I forgot to check the follow up comments box - Douh!

I don't know which editing program you use Angela - I use movie maker for my Youtube stuff and it gives you the option to mute all the original sound and import a completely different sound or music file.

As you said though it's a beginning and a great one at that.