Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Fated" by S.G. Browne

"Rule #1: Don't get involved."

My entire life I have been told I think too much. While I'm not really sure that I agree that it is possible to think "too" much, perhaps only too "little;" I am pretty sure that author, S. G. Browne is a thinker. I don't believe he could have written this book without a fair amount of pondering about the meaning of human existence. "Fated" is a book where all of the elements work so well together, it almost felt like "deja vu" reading it. Which is not to say the story is predictable or you've read it before. Actually it is more like his description of all of the immortals in the book just feels so accurate; I found myself saying "yes!" aloud more than once. If you've ever been frustrated wondering why humans continually do the stupid things they do, you will immediately identify with Fate, who is forced to continually adjust his humans' fate after they make bad decision after bad decision.

While "Fated" may not shift you to the path of Destiny, it is a great read.

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Greyhawk said...

Methinks a person cannot think too much, only too little. (^_^)V

I ordered "Fated". It sounds interesting.