Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Woman

Video I found on the wall at Facebook.  Where some men may find it a little "touchy feely" or resist a message that, at least in the beginning, seems to blame men for all of the ills of the world; the video has an uplifting message and a vision that could greatly improve our world.


Greyhawk said...

I am responsible for the sins of no one but myself. For those sins I can, do, often, and humbly apologize, but I will make no collective apology for sins unrelated to me and I refuse to be held responsible for the sins of others.

I've done enough damage all on my own. I don't need to accept responsibility for the sins of others. By offering a collective apology each of these men is able to avoid taking personal responsibility for their personal sins, removing their sense of guilt entirely and allowing them to pretend they are more spiritual, more "advanced" and more humane then I am.

I'm sorry, ACE, but I can never agree to such delusional self-justification and self-aggrandizement. This video turned my stomach and made me very angry. These men do not speak for me and it is arrogant in the extreme for them to presume to do so.

I don't see the promise of a better world that you see in the words of these men. I see fascist justification for blanket condemnation of anyone who disagrees with them. I don't see peace with women at all. I see greater oppression, greater abuse, and greater violence and all in the name of "a better world".

They are saying that women cannot be responsible for themselves. They are saying that without a "conscious" man, a woman is incomplete, unwholesome, and dependent on men of violence. Instead of a violent, physical rape, they are raping the personhood of all genuinely independent women.

There is more violence in this video than guns and knives have ever achieved or ever will.

I am very, very sorry if this offends you. Those gentle words they are speaking are as empty as a politician's promise. Any woman who refuses their apology will cease to be human in their eyes. What could ever be more violent than that?

angiece said...

Hey Greyhawk - thanks for your comment:

Ephesians 4:31 Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

Sweet Synopsis said...

Hey Ange
I liked that video a lot. I enjoyed it for what it is as opposed to reading a lot of unquantified bullshit into it. I can see that the message is good and as a man I see no reason to take it personally. All steps in the right direction should be applauded. Surely.

angiece said...

Hey Sweet Synopsis . . ... . mwhaaaaaaaaa!