Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear America, Do You Want to Know What Your Problem Really is?

Please read in order as presented. 


Brian Miller said...

Methinks there are many Americans who understand these things already. Perhaps "Dear America" is too broad and general, and daresay, a tad collectivist?

I don't think "America" has a problem. I think there are quite a few "Americans" who have problems. Some of those problems are real, some are imaginary, but that's only human.

But perhaps I am projecting my own happiness onto the unhappy masses?

Nah. I kinda doubt it.

angiece said...

If you read it as i MEAN it, America has the problem. It begins in the schools as they are structured. It has less to do with happiness per se than it does with utilizing your resources. America traditionally always has underutilized and wasted its true resources, including people, and seems determined to continue to do so. In my opinion, a reorganization of how we think and prioritize is in order and I would start with restructuring the public schools to be more like charter schools. But that is my opinion and it is a lovely dream, but is unlikely to ever happen. Certainly not in my lifetime.

Brian Miller said...

Re-organizing schools to be more like charter schools is an idea I could definitely support. It is one of the ideas Republicans propose over and over again, but the teacher's unions have many friends with deep pockets.

angiece said...

Absolutely contrary to my local experience. I have never heard conservative/Republicans push for charter schools and, locally, anyone I've ever seen who has a child in a charter school tends to be liberal/Democratic. The conservative/Republicans are far more likely to home school (if they vary from the "norm.")

Terry Derwitsch said...

angiece, I love this. It's on the money. We start when they are so small: chipping away at their personalities, often until they themselves believe that they cannot think for themselves. It's sad. It's gotten us where we are today. And now, with their ever growing problems, we are heaping debt and uncertainty on the young Americans at an unprecedented rate while we make them scramble for the few minimum wage jobs there are. It's disgusting. Help me fix it. www.letschuckasickie.com