Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Open Letter to California

The other day on television I heard someone ask the question, "Do you know what a recession means to someone who has savings and no debt?"  The answer was " You can buy things at a cheaper price."  Everyone hurts a little during a recession, but as we watch the devastation around us, I just need to point out that the things that are hurting the most are the ones that were mismanaged in the first place.  I'm sorry to tell you, honey, but you just can't keep coming to us with a $16 Billion Dollar credit card debt and expect us to increase your allowance.

Let me clue you in on a few things you apparently weren't aware of - 1. Those taxes you add to our service bills (phone, cable, satellite?) - those are TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.   We had some Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents who really raised a stink about those in the past .. it's in our genes . . . we won't put up with it forever; 2. If we need to pay for a new roof for the house and we don't have the money - WE SAVE MONEY until we can buy the roof.  Maybe if the roof is leaking badly, we take out a loan to replace the roof - but we don't go looking to remodel the kitchen the next year - unless we paid off the first loan.  We don't just take out a loan EVERY YEAR, and 3. If we get a cut in pay (like you did when you lost the income from all those foreclosed homes,) we don't call in and say that we can't come in to work because we can't afford it.  You've said that you couldn't balance the budget if you closed all of our schools and prisons combined.  Silly thing.  Everyone knows that when you have to tighten your belt and stop overspending, you can't stop eating or paying for utilities . . . you cut the non-essentials . . . the things that aren't working.  

What's not working?  Let me see. . .   kids . . still going to school.  Criminals .. . sadly . . still needing to be locked up.  DMV workers . . . still telling that front person in line "Next" (no matter how slowly.)  Parks . . still beautiful.

I've got it.

You know what isn't working?  

Those lawmakers in Sacramento who just can't seem to manage OUR money.  In the real world, they'd have been foreclosed on by now and would be looking for a good shelter or living under a bridge.  


Greyhawk said...

Nice one, ACE! Made me smile.

Sweet Synopsis said...

I had to come back and read this again Angela. It is the best piece of common sense I have read for a long time. And it made me smile too.
Nice work.