Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Human Ticker Tape

This week I began "following" on Twitter.  I never joined Facebook or My Space, but somehow Twitter with it's infinite gyrations caught my attention.  You see  .. "When I was a kid" . . and some holiday or big event would happen, I would picture the entire world sitting down to do exactly what I was doing.  I was a REALLY NAIVE KID . . but it gave me a sort of comfort somehow.   And I was a sweet kid, really, because I wanted us all just to be happy and enjoy the good moments.  

So I began "following" on Twitter, not even realizing it would give me that glimpse I'd always desired.  At first I "followed" the people I found through all of my interests . . .stocks, writing, cats, Buddhism, different celebrities; then I realized people were competing for "follows" so I followed everybody who followed me (even the direct marketers with their "sales pitch a posting;") and finally, now I am adding the people from other interests - not mine - just to see what they say.  

The result is . . . yes a human ticker taper . . . from India, Scotland, the US . . . I couldn't even list all of the places  . . . and at any given moment . . one person is having breakfast - another is having dinner; one person is going to a job interview - another is on their commute home; and one person is trying to help the world - another is just complaining about their small little corner.  

It's addictive, heady stuff.  

If you are a writer, I'd recommend Twitter.  If you like to sit at a park or the mall and just watch people, I'd recommend Twitter.  

But . . .  (there's always a but!)

If you are needy, you're out there for adoration or friends or the responses you get are the most important thing; enter Twitter cautiously.  It can be a large, lonely place if you enter with an ego based agenda.  

But so is any place when you enter like that; why would Twitter be any different?

So enter for the pure joy of watching The Human Ticker Tape (or if you will, the passing parade.)

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