Friday, October 31, 2008

Best Halloween Ever . . . aka Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

So it was the best Halloween ever.  Maybe it was the three man mariachi band accompanying my last trick or treaters who serenaded me with Cielito Lindo . . . but I also really enjoyed two comments.  First, maybe I should say:  1.  I have a very large honeysuckle hedge in front of my house that surrounds an arbor walkway to my front door. It completely blocks the front of my house from view and 2.  I had a string of orange lights and a red rope light strung on the arbor, a large black spider in the arbor with a strobe light aimed at it, red celophane over my front porch lights, and a small rubber alien sitting on the front step.  Oh and an unlit skeleton hand in a pot just on the door side of the arbor.  Not alot of decoration, but some.

The first comment came from the only boy in my first group of trick or treaters.  "I didn't know this was a house."  The comment's counterpoint was made very late in the evening by a girl in one of the last groups.  She repeated 2 or 3 times, probably not knowing who to tell, "I like your house.  I like your house."  Then she quietly added, "I think it's pretty."  

I wasn't the person handing out candy just then . . . or I would have given her an extra piece or two.

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