Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Play Negativity

Let me tell you a secret . . . I used to hate my neighbors.  I should explain upfront that I was a very unhappy person.  Every negative thing that anyone had ever said to me or about me  . . . my entire life . . . was stored in my brain and I routinely played them back . . . random play.  So when I would come home and my neighbors would be having a party, complete with loud music and diminished parking availability - I took it as a personal affront.  Deep inside I kept a score of every bad thing and thought . . . I've put up with fill-in-the-blank!!!  I shouldn't have to put up with this!  (I guess you wouldn't need to be told that I didn't have a lot of parties.  Or that even when I was doing "happy" things; I wasn't . . . not really.)

I finally learned that I've been crueller to myself than all of those other people ever were - after all, they only said whatever they said . . . once.  I'd repeat it every day; and, after lots of reading and thinking about things . . . I still don't throw a lot of parties and I still wonder how loud your music is inside if I can hear it outside . . .  but I don't see it as an attack when others are simply trying to have fun.  

I see a lot of the same thinking against "entitlement program" recipients during this presidential campaign.  People who don't make $250,000 desperately defending the rights of those who do, not to be taxed more.  When asked if they couldn't use the tax break themselves, they say it won't ever happen anyway.  They say they're against "liberal policies" and, sometimes, vehemently speak against entitlement programs as if the recipients have broken into their car and stolen their stereos.  And yet, one of the candidates is living proof that entitlement programs can work.  

I recognize the anger and the hatred.  None of the people in question are Warren Buffett-like billionaires.  It just seems to me they are misdirecting their anger and frustration.  

Perhaps it's that random play radio station repeating in their heads.  

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Greyhawk said...

Have I mentioned lately that I love your darkside? Always have. ;-)

Nice layout, ACE. I'm looking forward to following along~