Thursday, October 16, 2008


I should have just gone to bed, but instead I'm creating this blog.  Why? I keep talking to people about the election.  I'm far too old not to understand why everybody doesn't separate their shinola from the other stuff in the same way, but I still don't understand.  How can we all hear the same people speak, but yet hear so many different things?  I just know that everyone I talk to worries about the worst that the government can be (isn't it really there already?)  They want to have their "checks and balances" and keep all of the government branches at odds with each other.  They talk about preventing the government from getting anything done like it is a good thing.  They get hung up on sex and marriage and moral issues that aren't the Fed's business, aren't the State's business . . . that are really nobody's business but your own and then pick the "least offensive" alternative . . . . "the lesser evil."  Well this time, I'm voting my heart.  This time, I'm saying "What if ?" What if the country could be the place I wish it could be?  What if the world could do the right thing?  (And just from my saying that, perhaps you know who I'm voting for even if I don't say.  But I wonder if you're right.  Because, after all, we can both watch the same debate and pick a different winner.  We both can watch and hear a different message.  I have my issues and you have yours and don't get me started about each of our pet peeves.)

This is the first election where I've even cared.  Until now, I was right with you . . . "I voted for the lesser evil . . . not like it makes any difference anyway . . . they're all the same guy just in a different package."

Well, this time I'm not voting out of fear or apathy.  I AM voting largely to knock out one vote for the other guy, but I'm also voting because . . . what if . .. . . .

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