Thursday, October 30, 2008

Speaking of afraid . . . .

The other night I was working on a customer's video to DVD project . . I was watching something else on tv, though, and when the customer's tape finished, it automatically rewound.  I was sitting on the couch next to Peabody and Art was on his other side.  The minute that tape began rewinding - Peabody puffed to twice his size, stood with his back arched, and no amount of consoling would keep him in the room.  Later, after Art had gone home and the customer's project was long finished; I saw Peabody walk cautiously near the equipment only to slap a table leg . . .just in case.  

I remember when Mew used to slap every padded hanger she'd encounter.  

It's twisted, but I miss that a little.  It seems like you move too quickly from the curious but cautious kitty to the over-relaxed, fat and always sleeping mature cat.  While Peabody was fleeing the hissing VHS tape, Mew barely even cracked her eyes open.   

Just comes down to another lesson learned . . .enjoy the now . . . now.  If you spend too much time reminiscing about what the cat did last year . . .you may not notice what he did today and you'll spend your whole life missing what you barely noticed while it was happening.

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