Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Dork . . . er that is . . Peabody responds

Prrr. . . what?  That old biddy?  Well, she's good for some entertainment, isn't she?  I mean, if you run, I will chase you, won't I?  No matter how much you spit and hiss.  

Prrrup prrup. . . oh.  The human?  A bit slow, but I won the jackpot when I met her.  I showed up on her doorstep for a few weeks before she noticed that I was three times the cat my collar had been built for.  I'd rub against her legs, do headstands on her feet  . .  . put on a show.  When she finally did notice, I made sure not to spook her as she took it off - not an easy trick because she didn't have the sense to cut it off . . .she actually unbuckled it. . . .I thought she'd kill me while saving me.  

Since then, . . . . prrrruuuup prp . . .well she's like a mouse dinner, isn't she?  Right under my paw where I want her.  


Greyhawk said...


Love the cat entries. Have you read "I am a Cat", by Natsume Soseki?

angelae said...

No I haven't, but I looked it up and translated it from the Japanese online - wow - that's worth something right there. Don't think I'll make sense of it - but the end result is really fascinating.

Speaking of cats . . . have you seen Allegro Non Tropo? The cat animation portion makes me cry every time.